DC heroes signs

Wood Working

My shop was been trashed for months now.

Why you ask? Life! My wife wanted new carpet through out the house. Everything got moved to the garage, aka my shop. Years and years worth of stuff crammed in boxes that will never make it back into the house. It was all stacked in the tiny garage. Then came Christmas, all the decorations got pulled down from the attic to take up the remainder of the space.

So where does DC Heroes come into the picture?

My best friend, pinned a link to these DC Heroes signs on Pinterest. “Even though my shop is trashed,” I thought to myself, “I can still make those as a Christmas gift for him .”  I used making the small signs for him combined with a Black Friday sale at Lowes as the justification to buy a new contractor’s table saw. Lord knows, I couldn’t even get to the table saw in the shop.

I decided I wanted to make 4 signs. My set included: Flash, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.




Paint symbols on Signs

Gather paints

The good thing about old comic book heroes is their symbols are all created using primary colors.


red – background

white – circle

yellow – lightning bolt

black – outline circle and lightning bolt


blue – background


Step x – Transfer templates to signs

I tried a couple of different techniques to transfer the template to the surface of the sign.

Method 1 – Chalk and trace

This was used for my first hero sign, the Flash



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