Month: December 2015

Dec - 31

Pine A64 – My first Kickstarter

I finely took the leap of faith. Really, isn’t backing a Kickstarter project what a person is doing; hoping the project delivers and the money they just shelled out is not gone with the wind. The Pine A64 is billed…

Dec - 29

First Dive Into 3D Printers – Geeetech Prusa i3 X

Originally I had intended to build my own 3D printer from scratch. However, concerns about sourcing different parts from different sources, building the physical structure,  the electronics and firmware led me to purchase a printer kit instead. This is not…

Dec - 22

DC heroes signs

My shop was been trashed for months now. Why you ask? Life! My wife wanted new carpet through out the house. Everything got moved to the garage, aka my shop. Years and years worth of stuff crammed in boxes that…